SSI uses N-central® to streamline device monitoring

As part of our Managed IT Services we monitor the devices of our clients, to ensure the devices are functioning efficiently. We use N-able’s N-central® remote monitoring and management platform to achieve this service and monitor our devices as well. Any device that has an IP-address can be monitored through N-central®. These devices can include: servers, networks, workstations, ASA’s, routers, printers, circuits, and websites.

N-central® is a remote monitoring and management (RMM) automation platform to manage IP-enabled devices. It helps us standardize the setup and delivery of our managed IT services and allows us to effectively organize and handle all of the monitored devices.

After the effortless rollout of N-central®, SSI’s technical analysts were able to monitor devices around-the-clock. This tool enabled us to monitor 5 or 500 devices and has really streamlined our monitoring service. Once our technical staff receives an alert from N-central® they use the tool to help quickly resolve the issue. They can acknowledge the alert, see what the issue is with the device, and remotely access it all from the N-central® platform.  This ensures that when an issue arises it will not go unnoticed.

We also use N-central® for reporting. Reports can be run at any time to show us how each device is performing. We currently run a weekly report to show a client how much remaining space they have on their SQL server.  The reports are run by our technical staff and sent to the Administrators of our company and the client’s.

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