SSI brand gets a new, modern makeover

SSI was founded in 1990 with the mission to provide quality IT services and consulting to its clients. While our mission remains the same our company logo and website were due for a change.  We needed to adapt to the current IT community standards of custom-designed logos and fresh, eye-catching websites. With the help of a creative marketing group we can now present a logo and website that best suits our company.

First thing to change was the logo.  The logo creation process began as we talked about who we are as a company, what services we can provide, our target audience, and most importantly, why customers should choose us.  Once we established an SSI identity framework we began to put these ideas together and think about words that best describe our company: confident, simple, clean, dependable, friendly, professional, and intuitive.  With these words and ideas the marketing group came back with new logo concepts.

We picked a new logo design after much discussion and listening to the opinions of other employees. (It was interesting to hear the thoughts of those who had not heard the entire concept presented for each logo.)  The logo we selected has the modern and simple tone we were looking for.  The marketing team came back with final designs for the logo and some website design concepts based on the selected logo.  While we want our website to be visually appealing we also want it to clearly state our services and entice potential customers to contact us. It needed to be eye-catching enough to generate more traffic and bring in new customers, but not too gaudy or distracting.  The presented website concepts did not disappoint and we chose the one that conveyed our image best.

As we grow we want to be flexible enough to adapt our image while continuing to deliver our excellent IT services.  We grow and change with our clients and the ever-progressing IT world.


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