Case study: Service Desk at CornerStone

Typical flow of an inbound Help Desk call.

Service Desk

Put our service desk professionals – and our unique STATS Incident Management tool – to work for you. And though we operate from a remote location — saving you the resources needed to house and support a service desk team — we integrate seamlessly into your organization, as if we were onsite.

We make IT simple so you can focus on your core business needs.

Our service desk solutions include:

  • Service desk support: Our proactive support is coupled with traditional break/fix support
  • Single point of contact: Clients call one number for all support needs
  • Service request fulfillment: We handle all standard services from everyday usage, hardware and technical issues to new equipment and new system set-up
  • Remote support: Support and maintain your entire organization remotely
  • STATS  Incident Management tool: Our proprietary tracking systems ensures consistent trouble shooting and asset record-keeping
  • Event management: Our monitoring system extends beyond trouble ticket events and captures any relevant event
  • Automated escalation process: Our Best-In-Class hierarchical escalation process is in effect 24/7
  • On-demand support: Through our networks and relationships, we can dispatch local technicians to any location in the country when necessary

STATS  Incident Management tool

Strategic Ticketing and Asset Tracking System (STATS) is our proprietary tool that allows us to record and track the progression of our projects and the locations of our assets. Every call, every shipment, every incident, and every request is logged and categorized. Tickets created in STATS are usually service requests, but can be anything from projects to problems. These tickets are shown in association with specific client. This way, a STATS user can easily see what work is being completed for a client and which assets are at the client’s location. In addition to ticketing and tracking, STATS houses our extensive knowledge base. The use of this database ensures consistent troubleshooting and asset recording from our associates. STATS information is constantly updated to ensure nothing is overlooked and our client’s receive current information.

Find out how we can handle your Service Desk so you can focus on the other demands of IT. Contact SSI for a free consultation.