Case study: IT Security Solutions for Expanding Company

Client is a Hawaiian Security Services company with locations on 5 islands plus the mainland. They are the leading security systems provider in the area, whose customers range from residential to commercial. The client sought to improve the security of their network, improve reliability of services for remote users, and outsource IT support to a third party.

Cyber Security

Shield-SSIThrough decades of experience with full IT Risk and Security assessments, we have learned that a very small number of the security standards required and products available provide significant reduction in the risk of a security breach. In order to provide a cost-effective risk reduction service to small and medium-sized businesses, we have bundled services that provide the highest risk reduction into the AlertShield packages.

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Packaged Security Services  

Shield-EndpointManaged Endpoint Security

You want to keep your systems safe from the threat of hackers. Your customers want you to prove your systems are secure. Regulators want to make sure you’re on top of these dynamic and, often costly, security protections. This is why you need SSI.

Shield-networkNetwork Security

Whether you realize it or not, your company is under fire 24 hours a day from hackers constantly scanning the internet looking for vulnerabilities to attack. You need protection – and new regulatory requirements demand it. That’s why you need SSI.

Shield-AdvancedAlertShield Advanced Security

They’re out there. Hackers just looking for new ways to break into your systems. And their threats are always evolving, making it hard to keep up. How can you keep watch 24/7? You turn to SSI.

Shield-vulnerabilityVulnerability Management

Your IT department is key to your company’s security and protection. But with hacker threats constantly changing and evolving, it can be hard for them to keep up with the latest patches and updates while still focusing on the bigger picture. This is where SSI can help.


Industry Specific Services

Shield-hippaHealth Care IT Security

Nothing is more important in healthcare industry than privacy – to both a patient and the medical professionals trying to protect them. That’s why HIPPA and HITECH regulations exist. And this is where SSI can help.

 Icon-PCIPCI Compliance

The Payment Card Industry (PCI) was designed with protection in mind. However, with more than 210 PCI requirements to comply with today, where do you even start? This is why you should turn to SSI.

 Icon-VulnAssessVulnerability Assessment

The more consumers and companies conduct business online, the more vulnerable they have has become to a cyber attack. And as many high-profile breaches can attest, the digital world is practically a hacker’s playground. So, it’s up to you to identify any ways in and shut them down. That’s why you need SSI on your side.

 Icon-CyberRiskCyber Liability Risk Mitigation

The cyber liability insurance industry has several challenges facing it today: Underwriters who rely on simple applications and interviews instead of actual IT assessments; Customers who are overly confident in their security posture; and, perhaps most importantly, new IT security threats that can change the insured pool from secure to vulnerable overnight.  So if you think you’re immune from a cyber attack, you might want to think about SSI.

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