Case study: IT Compliance Assessment and Implementation

When a major global 300 retailer was faced with delivery and compliance issues, they called on the consultants at SSI to help them overhaul their processes. SSI developed comprehensive governance framework and guiding policies and made assessments and developed remediation plans – all of which led to increased efficiency and functionality.


Put our years of experience to work for you. SSI’s IT consulting services provide an in-depth assessment of your organization’s needs and then guide you through any deployment, project, upgrade or other business need.

We believe in Value of Service Validation and Testing which establishes confidence, provides early validation of the services, provides early detection and corrections, reduces impact of incidences, and ensures a more effective use of resources.

We make IT simple so you can focus on your core business needs.

Technology consulting

Our expert technology consultants can assess your immediate needs and tailor solutions that fit your business. Whether you need hardware or software solutions, design and building of networks, or implementation of new technologies and systems, we will provide personalized consulting and project management through the entire process.

Our technology consulting services include:

  • Technology solution design and development: Intuitive technical solutions provided to solve your business issues
  • Onsite implementation: Personal face-to-face communication with technical staff team
  • Project management: Management of all delivery efforts using appropriate resources and technologies
  • Disaster recovery planning and response: Provide safeguard against all threats and install processes to back up and recover data
  • IT security system implementation: Enhance the security of your environment through customized services
  • Network design and implementation: Securely connect all employees and resources together
  • Software quality assurance: Ensure the technology dollars you spend give you sufficient quality solutions that meet your needs

Strategic Consulting

Our experts have insights beyond the basic hardware and software systems. We can help you choose, develop, and implement systems that will improve your business. From profit margin analysis, sales forecasting, sales force effectiveness measuring and web development, we will find the right solution for you.

Our strategic consulting services include:

  • Strategy development and execution: Development, management and implementation of a strategic plan encompassing goals, initiatives, resource requirements, financial requirements, and metrics
  • Project management: Management of all delivery efforts using appropriate resources and technologies
  • Customer relationship management: Manage the relationship between business and IT to communicate goals and strategies and provide recommendations on delivery
  • Information technology compliance assessment and remediation: Perform internal IT compliance assessment, liaison with auditors, and develop and execute remediation plans
  • Business analysis: Understand and provide guidance on business processes and translate business requirements into technical requirements
  • Process development and improvement: Develop, implement and train employees on IT policies, processes and procedures in alignment with regulatory requirements.
  • Metrics development and reporting: Define, develop, implement, manage, and report on critical business functions and provide action plans for functions that are not performing as expected
  • Analysis and reporting: Make recommendations and provide data, analysis, and information to enable decision making and enhance communication

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