Journey of a STATS Change Request

The journey to become a functioning part of our in-house system may not be long but it isn’t without peril. STATS—Strategic Ticketing and Asset Tracking System—is the life-blood of SSI. We use the system to record and track our work and our assets. This system needs to be constantly updated to keep it in top shape to operate efficiently and to meet our client’s expectations. Recently we rolled out a new version of STATS that contained fixes, updates, and change requests. Let’s take a look at the path a change request must take before it can become part of production STATS. Perhaps the best way is to imagine yourself as a little change request, hoping that you have what it takes to be part of STATS.


You start life as an idea; born from the mind of a STATS user wanting to make an adjustment.  Your STATS-user parent creates a ticket with all of your specifications: how you will look, what you will do, and asks if you can be added to the STATS universe. You are now in the running to become a fully functional part of STATS.  Now your journey really starts…

The Manager of Technology Services is the one who gives you life.  First, he picks you out from a list of other hopeful requests and decides if you will fit into STATS without causing any disruptions in service.  Once you have been deemed an acceptable change, the Manager of Technology Services gives you a foundation.  He creates your skeleton by entering the code that makes you the unique request that you are. Wow! Look at you! Growing up so fast. You now have features, structure, and a task to perform in STATS.

You now have your body but the most difficult part is just ahead. You will be tested in every way possible to ensure that you will work nicely with other STATS functions. The Manger of Technology Services drops you into the QA (Quality Assurance) STATS environment. This strange new world is a mirror image of the real STATS, which could soon be your home. You take your place among the other functions and try to fit your code amongst the others’. You start to get comfortable until, suddenly; you are called out to perform your task.  A STATS Administrator is looking at you from all angles and making you run through your task over and over again. Things are coming at you from all directions!  Jump through this hoop. Good, now add an attachment. Do it again with more settings piled on. Okay, good.  But let’s do it again with this other setting turned off. You struggle to keep up and adjust to every test that is thrown at you and just when you can’t take it anymore the deluge stops. You’ve done it!  You kept it together and performed under pressure without triggering any errors. You are now ready to graduate from QA STATS to the real world of production STATS. 

On your graduation day you are joined by other requests, changes, and fixes that have passed the testing phase. All of you will move on together to production STATS when the Manager of Technology Services pushes you through to the real world.  You and your peers find your places among the STATS veterans and fit into the code framework. Congratulations! You started as a small request and now you are a functioning part of the STATS universe.  Your original creator and other STATS users have been informed of your “birth” and try you out with excitement as you enrich their STATS experience.

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