Journey of a STATS Change Request

The journey to become a functioning part of our in-house system may not be long but it isn’t without peril. STATS—Strategic Ticketing and Asset Tracking System—is the life-blood of SSI. We use the system to record and track our work and our assets. This system needs to be constantly updated to keep it in top […]

SSI brand gets a new, modern makeover

SSI was founded in 1990 with the mission to provide quality IT services and consulting to its clients. While our mission remains the same our company logo and website were due for a change.  We needed to adapt to the current IT community standards of custom-designed logos and fresh, eye-catching websites. With the help of […]

SSI uses N-central® to streamline device monitoring

As part of our Managed IT Services we monitor the devices of our clients, to ensure the devices are functioning efficiently. We use N-able’s N-central® remote monitoring and management platform to achieve this service and monitor our devices as well. Any device that has an IP-address can be monitored through N-central®. These devices can include: […]