Outsourced Service Desk for 250 Manufacturing Locations

Problem: The lack of a centralized IT service desk infrastructure has resulted in teammate job dissatisfaction, inability to meet customer expectations, inconsistent service, and inefficient use of resources.

Project Objective: Transition to a centralized IT service desk infrastructure to:

  • Support consistent delivery of customer service across all store operations and manufacturing facilities
  • Enable continuous operational improvement through incident and problem management
  • Empower the user and optimize the user’s experience

Result: Service Desk Outsourcing has resulted in several benefits:

  1. Fast response for IT incidents. We answer the phone 90% within 90 seconds, 7 days a week.
  2. Fast resolution. We solve 86% of the incidents on the first touch using documented incident resolution procedures.
  3. Improved security. We leverage our experience with other customers to ensure that industry standard processes are used for incident resolution and identify gaps between current state and industry best practice.
  4. Problem Identification. Now that we are answering calls WHEN the incident is occurring and are capturing and reporting on the incident and trends, Bridgestone can now effectively perform problem management in order to address the root cause of the problems that are causing incidents.
  5. Enable other initiatives by freeing up resources. Tier 2 and other resources that were dragged into Tier 1 can now focus on other projects and responsibilities such as training, IT upgrades, and system enhancements.