Tips to Navigate IT Projects Gone Wrong

IT projects can go horribly wrong in many fantastic ways when permitted.  Project managers and project team members have to be vigilant and communicate any problems to keep projects on track.  Here are a few tips—compiled from various sources—for what can go wrong, how to fix it, and how to avoid it in the future. […]

SSI’s Comfortable, Collaborative, Contributive Company Culture

It’s your first day back at the office since the completion of THE BIG project.  A sigh of relief escapes your lips knowing that you get a break from the endless emails and meetings, and that’s when you see them.  Those sugary, delectable, doughy treats that ensure the start of a good day.  You grab […]

SSI transitions to Virtual Machines: A Private Cloud 9

  In order to stay current in the expansive field of IT companies we must be progressive, efficient, and flexible—and so must our hardware.  We are making the transition over to multiple virtual machines rather than housing many physical machines at our office.  A virtual machine (VM) provides a means of communication between software and […]

SSI uses N-central® to streamline device monitoring

As part of our Managed IT Services we monitor the devices of our clients, to ensure the devices are functioning efficiently. We use N-able’s N-central® remote monitoring and management platform to achieve this service and monitor our devices as well. Any device that has an IP-address can be monitored through N-central®. These devices can include: […]

SSI receives CompTIA MSP Partners Trustmark

As part of our continued commitment to excellence in Managed IT Services we have earned the CompTIA MSP Partners Trustmark.  This accreditation will ensure that we will follow a managed service business model that meets the industry standard level of service. We wanted to earn this credential to help maintain our quality of service by […]